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By Divya Rai

What is Sunflower Sprout Extract & why you need it?

Sunflower Sprout/Shoot Extract (Helianthus Annuus Sprout Extract) is the ingredient that some beauty editors are calling the new Niacinamide and for good reason: it is a multitasker and has a lot anti-ageing benefits. It is also the perfect addition to you AM skincare routine.

Here's Why:

  • it energises you skin cells
  • it slows cellular ageing
  • it has antioxidant properties
  • it boosts the protection ability of your sunscreen
  • it protects against collagen damage
  • it protects the cellular matrix
  • it reverses UV damage

What's the Science?

It teaches your skin to fix itself. It boosts cellular energy of the skin’s cells and can repair DNA damage. 

A recent study concluded that Sunflower Sprout Extract (SSE) protects against damage to the DNA housed inside the batteries of the cell and Niacinamide in comparison did not provide any such protection. Notably, skin cell damage was decreased by a remarkable 34% when exposed to 2% SSE after just 24 hours.


Sunflower Sprout Extract is a perfect addition to any AM routine and is especially beneficial as an add on with your Sunscreen. The Friday Feeling sunscreen Second Nature is the only sunscreen in India that has Sunflower Sprout Extract in addition to other amazing antioxidant and moisturising ingredients making it a strong environmental protector.


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